Tools for Semantic Web Rules and Ontologies,
including Translation, Inferencing, Analysis, and Authoring.

The first open source platform for semantic web business rules.
***download & doc available for V2.1 alpha***
***News: V2.1 Released, now with Web Services Support press release available***

   Supporting RuleML, Jess, XSB, CommonRules, Jena, OWL, and SWRL, via XML and RDF. In Java.

Hosted on SemWebCentral
(the premier open source software repository specifically for the Semantic Web R&D community)

Core Project Team: Benjamin Grosof (lead, MIT Sloan), Mike Dean, Shashi Ganjugunte, Said Tabet, and Chitro Neogy. International, Multi-Institutional project, with many additional team members and cooperating people/organizations. Sponsored in large part by DAML (DARPA Agent Markup Language program).



Short Overview: (1-page)

  ***News: V2.1 Released, now with Web Services Support press release available***

SweetRules is a uniquely powerful integrated set of tools for semantic web rules and ontologies, revolving around the RuleML (Rule Markup/Modeling Language) emerging standard for semantic web rules, and supporting also the closely related SWRL (Semantic Web Rule Language), along with the OWL standard for semantic web ontologies, which in turn use XML and, optionally, RDF. (SWRL rules are essentially an expressive subset of RuleML rules.)

SweetRules supports the powerful Situated Courteous Logic Programs extension of RuleML, including prioritized conflict handling and procedural attachments for actions and tests. SweetRules' capabilities include semantics-preserving translation and interoperability between a variety of rule and ontology languages (including XSB Prolog, Jess production rules, HP Jena-2, and IBM CommonRules), highly scaleable backward and forward inferencing, and merging of rulebases/ontologies. Procedural attachments can even be WSDL Web Services.

SweetRules' pluggability and composition capabilities enable new components to be added relatively quickly. Implemented in Java, SweetRules has a compact codebase (~20K lines of code total for several dozen tools).

Hundreds of users have already downloaded it, inspired in part by its well-received demonstrations in detailed presentations at the DAML Principal Investigators Meeting and the International Semantic Web Conference tutorial program.

The SweetRules project is an international, multi-institutional effort, originated and coordinated by the SweetRules group at MIT Sloan led by Benjamin Grosof, and is funded largely by the DAML (DARPA Agent Markup Language) research program.

SWEET ("Semantic WEb Enabling Technology") is an overall set of tools that Benjamin Grosof's group (with collaborators) has been developing since 2001. Other components in it include the SweetDeal e-contracting system approach and prototype, and the SweetPH system for business process ontologies drawn from the Process Handbook.

Release News: SweetRules V2.1 -- alpha quality -- was released on SemWebCentral on Apr. 25, 2005.
The press release overviews it. It is being actively maintained and enhanced.
     Previous Releases: V2.0 was released on SemWebCentral on Nov. 29, 2004.
     V1 of the SweetJess and SweetCR components began in 2001 and were available to users starting in 2002.

On this page below, you will find links to the documentation and downloadable software. The SweetRules distribution is being provided under the terms of the LGPL software license.

Disclaimer/Warning: Alpha Quality Status: The initial release, V2.1, is a still alpha version. The code mainly works well in the testing to date; there are still some bugs, though nothing very major known. The SweetRules project is a work-in-progress. In the coming months, we aim to improve and expand the documentation as well as the code.

We encourage the semantic web community and the rules community to use SweetRules and to provide us feedback on it.


Important Links

  1. Short Overview
  2. Press Release about V2.1:
  3. Detailed Overview Presentation, updated for V2.1 (version of 2005-04-24) by B. Grosof and M. Dean
  4. Tutorial "Semantic Web Rules with Ontologies, and their E-Business Applications", presentation at the WWW-2006 Conference by B. Grosof and M. Dean
  5. Downloadable code and documentation On that page, Go to "Latest File Releases" for CVS access to the downloadable.
  6. Javadoc
  7. N.B.: This is an old version provided for convenience; for the current version, see the download.
  9. License (it's LGPL terms)
  10. Additional Papers and Presentations on Semantic Web Rules and Ontologies, and their applications in Semantic Web Services, including Situated Courteous Logic Programs and RuleML, by B. Grosof
  11. People: the Team Behind SweetRules (see also Contacts)
  12. SweetRules Discussion Forum
  13. Related: RuleML Initiative, W3C Rules Workshop, SWSI and SWSL, WSMO and WSML, RuleML-2005 Conference (upcoming), RuleML-2004 Workshop.

SweetRules Core Team Contacts

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